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Random Rant 101 “ANG INGAY”


I woke up this morning because of a loud stereo playing. It was owned by the sari-sari store across the street. Apparently, it’s something they do on weekends. Play their radio to its most annoying extreme volume to attract attention. Unfortunately, my bedroom faces the street so I wasn’t spared from the racket coming in.  


I can tolerate one maingay establishment blatantly playing RnB and hiphop songs, but two nag-iingay na stores? Hell, no! I was so pissed when the sari-sari store #2 nearer and just below our building started playing gurang Tagalog songs! They were less than 50 feet away from each other and I just don’t get it why should they compete to plague my day! 

So there I was, cursing for all the noise… I rose from my bed… went to the kitchen… prepared lunch… and ate. Humina naman ung ingay BUT as if my suffering wasn’t enough,  the neighbor on the living room side ROUSE.. THEIR.. FREAKING.. K.A.R.A.O.K.E. 


Shit lang. Shit lang!

I hate karaoke! Lalo na kung super ingay na tila lumilindol!


I went back to my bedroom because the noise there was more tolerable. I can’t stand karaoke. Next thing I did, watch Parent Trap on my laptop with earphones. For a while, my world was oblivion.

But of course the clock hit 6PM and I had to take my dinner. I went to the dining room again. All the while, counting ways how to murder the people playing karaoke - THE neighbors.

I texted my boyfriend and shared how unfortunate my day was becoming… I’ll leave you some of my SMS:

Grabe may nagkakaraoke na naman sa baba! Sarap tapunan ng kumukulong tubig.”

Ang ingay! Alam mo ba kaninang tanghali pa sila. From accross the street may nagpapatugtog ng stereo ng hip hop. Tapos sa tindahan sa baba, oldie songs naman. Nilalabanan ung hip hop! Tapos sa may baba ng gate, karaoke! Sabi ko nga bakit ang iingay nila? Holiday ba? Fiesta ba? Then ung nagkakaraoke, tuwing Lingo sila ganun! How can they spend too much on karaoke and not just save the money to buy stove.”

"Is it Legal-To-Annoy People Day? Ang ingay sobra. I curse them every Sunday.”

"I want to get out of this neighborhood. Mga jejemon songs pa ang kinakanta! I wannaaa diiieee!


Last bottle of Mogu Mogu..



layered salad with beets, cream cheese, and carrots.

Every salad should look like this! It’s easier to eat.

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creamy shrimp and mushroom pasta.

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cheesy baked jacket potatoes.


pistachio and avocado crostini.